1. Executive Search

    The only fully effective method of recruitment to exceptionally demanding, rare and confidential positions beginning from middle managers (including qualified experts) to top executives (including Management Boards).

  2. Market Mapping

    Provides information on possible chances of acquiring valuable management competences for key positions in a company.

  3. Assessment Development Center

    This method allows for effective testing and evaluation of professional potential of employees and point to areas of development of individual workers as well as teams of workers.


  4. Individual and Team Coaching

    It is an efficient method of improving actions/communications effectiveness in a team, supporting managers in their professional development (e.g. promotion), in fighting limitations (e.g. delegating duties, time management, difficult subordinate).


  5. Executive Outplacement

    A service dedicated to companies which want to help their employees who were made redundant to define their future career path, to develop personal and managerial skills, and to seek new and ambitious challenges.


  6. Samurai Game® Workshop

    A service dedicated to Polish companies (small and medium-size) which need to support their staff with people having professional experience in big international corporations.


  7. Soft skills closed trainings

    Trainings are an essential part of team development. Thanks to the soft skills employees can improve their qualifications and build effective teams. For our customers we prepare dedicated training programs.